Payment Terminal™

Process credit card & ACH/EFT payments securely for your invoices, statement charges and sales receipts to your merchant accounts.

Merchants of all sizes are looking for cost effective solutions for processing their customers transactions. Our terminal for QuickBooks® allows merchants, just like you, to process transactions and automatically post back the payments to QuickBooks® safely and securely.
Even better, you can save all your customer data in a PCI Compliant vault and access them easily when you select that Customer:Job.

ACH/EFT & Swipe Features

The Payment Terminal™ includes the ability to swipe credit cards with most USB card readers, saving time and processing costs. ACH/EFT transactions can also be processed against your invoices, statement charges and sales receipts. With an ACH/EFT processing account, merchants can take ACH/EFT transactions as easy as a credit card and post payments back to QuickBooks®.

Canadian QuickBooks

Support for Canadian QuickBooks® is included in the Payment Terminal™ at no additional charge or configuration. Users of a Canadian version of QuickBooks® have the option of attaching both a Canadian credit card merchant account and a U.S. credit card merchant account to the same Quickbooks® company file.

PCI Compliant Secure Vault

Saving credit card and ACH/EFT data securely is a concern of all merchants and their customers. The Payment Terminal™ uses a PCI compliant level 1 vault and gateway system to process transactions and store customer data.